Eclipse® Shutters are the number one selling shutter product in North America and the largest manufacturer of custom plantation shutters. We are proud to say that Eclipse Shutters’ proven program has been successful in the market for over 25 years. Established in 1992, we take pride in our dedication to innovative product development, technological advancements, continuous product improvement and our strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Eclipse Shutters has a nation-wide network of fabricator and dealer partners who are dedicated to providing their customers with a custom-made shutter that is locally manufactured and of the highest quality. We have licensed fabricators all across the United States, and thousands of dealers and retailers that carry our product. We also have partners in Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Eclipse Shutters’ unique manufacturing process combines highly automated equipment with skilled workmanship to provide the fastest delivery times in the industry. To demonstrate the commitment to our customers, Eclipse Shutters offers an unlimited 25-year warranty – the best in the industry. We will also guarantee your custom shutters are produced in seven days or less! We offer affordable elegance for today’s consumer.


Adding Eclipse plantation shutters to your windows transforms your view to the outside and can easily be used to let more light or fresh air in, or can also be used to reflect heat. They are not only functional, but they also add a touch of elegance to any window giving your home a custom, upscale look.

Our standard shutter application can be used on many different window sizes from small powder room windows to grand sized floor-to-ceiling windows. The functionality you desire and your personal preference will be the determining factors in your selection of color, louver size and frame style.

Offering total light control and complete privacy, Eclipse Shutters not only stand the test of time, but they will give your home the finishing touch.

French Door

When thinking about adding plantation shutters to your home, don’t forget about your doors! The beauty of plantation shutters are not meant for windows alone. Introducing the New French Door Cutout from Eclipse Shutters!

Our French Door Cutout has been completely redesigned to be functional so that you can open and close the entire shutter portion of your French Doors.

The New French Door Cutout has a contoured design to accommodate all of the latest door styles and lock options. This contoured design lets the handle of the door operate freely without interference from the shutter.

Eclipse Shutters offers this newly redesigned, custom made French Door Cutout to perfectly match your patio doors to your windows, giving your home an upscale, designer look.

French Door Options

Available in both Tilt Bar and UltraClearview® hidden rear tilt operating systems

Three colors: cotton, pearl or vanilla

Regular and deluxe divider rails

Now available in all louver sizes: 2 1/2”, 3 1/2” and  4 1/2"

Track System

Eclipse Shutters have more applications than just windows! Eclipse Shutters Track Systems can be used on windows, closets and even to separate living spaces. They are the perfect solution for pantry doors, patio doors, and room dividers.

By-Pass Shutter Track System

If you’re interested in using plantation shutters as a room divider or to separate living spaces, the By-Pass Shutter Track System will fit your needs. This system allows shutter panels to slide from left and right. By-Pass Shutter Systems from Eclipse Shutters also accommodate window and door openings from 24” to 192” wide and 20” to 120” high.

We have two new configurations for our By-Pass Track System.

  • The New Triple By-Pass Track System can accommodate multiple panels within three tracks allowing for wider viewing areas.
  • The New Open By-Pass Track System allows you to leave your louvers open and still slide the panels to the open and closed positions. This gives you full view while also allowing you to operate the panels.

Bi-Fold Shutter Track System

The Bi-Fold shutter track system is commonly used for patio doors and closet doors, though can also be an option for large windows since it allows the shutters to slide and fold open. Bi-folding shutter systems are designed to accommodate window and door openings from 24” to 192” wide and 20” to 120” high.

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